This came out in 2002 and only lasted 13 episodes. For the comic fan this took place on Earth 2.5. On this Earth Batman was in New Gotham City. There was no Robin, but he did team up with Batgirl. Batman had an affair with his only true love Catwoman. Unknown to him there was a child and Catwoman left her life of crime to raise the child. After defeating the crime czar of New Gotham, the Joker, the Joker escapes and in an act of revenge kills Catwoman and leaves Batgirl wheelchair-bound. Batman recatches the Joker and then disappears.  Batgirl takes over the raising of Batman and Catwomans daughter Helena . The show takes place several years latter - the Batgirl is now Oracle and Helena is The Huntress. They fight crime in the background.  As the story opens they are joined by a meta human runaway named Dinah.  Dinah it is found out latter is the daughter of Black Canary.

The only bad thing I have to say about the series is that it only lasted 13 episodes.  It was great.  Had flashbacks of Batman and Batgirl and was not campy in any way. I think if the series had lasted we would have seen Dinah become the new Black Canary, but it didn’t last long enough .  The main villain was Harley Quinn who was trying to take over New Gotham for her beloved Mr. J.

The good thing is that you can get the whole series on DVD along with all 30 episodes of the web-based series Gotham Girls. Got it for less than $20 at Walmart. Same production company as Smallville.