10 years of the Adventures of Clark Kent... Smallville took place on what I call Earth 1.75. This was a new take on Clark’s teen and young adult life leading up to donning the blue suit.  It was just off line with the early stories of Clark and Superboy that we were used to.  He gained powers as the show went on and it introduced many from the DCU but slightly different from what we were used to and many times out of the normal time line of when they appeared for the first time in the comics. At times it was a soap opera and others it was an adventure show. It had a lot of critics who didn’t like its take on Superboy, this is why I always looked upon it as I do the movies as being on an alternate Earth.  This way I can enjoy it, in stead of getting mad because it isn’t following cannon. (What they are doing with DC comics has totally ticked me off - ).  In the Silver Age we had Superboy, which explained how he learned to become Superman, but both the Golden and Modern retelling without a Superboy period leaves a lot unanswered. You grow up put on a costume and become a hero? No way... Smallville try's to answer this... With Clark as he’s leaning his powers first working behind the scenes and latter as the Blur he finding out what it needs to be Superman.  The Costume is waiting for him when he is ready.  With a few changes this could give you a look at how the modern Superman (not the new DC reboot superman) came into the cape.  All episodes are on DVD including the complete series.