New this year Terra Nova is an interesting SF show.  The Earth has finally done it self in with pollution and over population. It’s found out how to go back in time and start over.  The show follows a family that goes back so that they can live a more normal life.  We are at a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  To make things more interesting there is a group that came through that has left Terra Nova and seem to working for a group in the future that's trying to find a way to profit form the past.  Now I have a few questions is it our pass or is it an alternate pass?  They could be basing the whole thing on the fact that remains of CroMagnon man has been found that are as old as the dinosaur. Since they are the same as modern man this could be the remains of Terra Nova.  But an alternate Earth would make more since.  Because if they start over and it works, they would be changing history. In one way they would be the missing link, but then we would would have the chicken and the egg... Hope is last long enough for us to find out.(I think it good SF and that sometimes is a show downfall)