The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde

A Nursery Crime

This was the second Jasper Fforde book I’ve read and the first of his Nursery Crime series. I didn’t want to put this down.  The world of the Big over Easy is surreal to say the least - our main charter is Detective Inspector Jack Spratt and he is investigating the Murder of Humpty Stuyvesant Van Dumpty. He is helped by his partner Detective Sgt. Mary Mary.  There are charters out of fiction nursery rhymes and aliens.  Its a good detective novel and a good fantasy - and its funny!  As the story begins Jack has just failed to having the three pigs convicted of murdering Mr. Wolff.  Oh yeah, Jack has a Titan renting a room form him.  His mother has a beanstalk growing in her yard, a very large beanstalk.  And to be a good detective you must have your adventures written up in Amazing Crime Stories.

Jasper Fforde creates his own genre.  His books are fun to read and I recommend both of his series, Thursday Next and the new Nursery Crime series.  Look for them in your favorite bookstore or get them at

Jasper Fforde