My name is Rick and I have been in SF/Comic Fandom since the mid-70’s, and have been a fan of both since the late 50’s.

In  mid 70’s I joined what then called Star Trek Fans United - Palm Beach Chapter. I became an officer in the club just before we left SFFU and formed Star Trek Federation of Fans. We were the national H.Q. of the club that seemed to grow with leaps and bounds. During this time I started going to mini-cons in the Miami area run by G. B. Love and latter Jim Van Hise. STFF started running mini-cons in the Palm Beach area.  This was a great time for Fandom in Florida.

In 1975 I was Co-chairman of Palm Beach Con I/Trekcon International 1975 with John Ellis.  It was a three day con held over Labor day weekend.  We had for guest: George Takei, Noel Neal, C.C> Beck, Kelly Freas, Keith Laumer, Joe Green and others.

I was sec/Tres of of the STFF national and latter president of the short lived Star Trek Fans of Florida.

Besides Trekon I was co-chairman of several one days mini cons and a two day con in the palm beaches.

In 1976 with my wife Ruth we started Florida Fandom.  It has come out when ever.. We made a lot of friends by way of the mails with Florida Fandom and have re found some with Facebook.  

In July 1999 Ruth and I moved to Tennessee.  Will we see a change in the name of the zine. NO!  Its been Florida Fandom way too long... And having been born in Florida, I am a Florida Fan!